covid 19


S & J Cleaning and Restorations  is committed to the safety of our workers and the safety of our customers during this Global Pandemic, by Teaching our staff of proper disinfecting procedures following the World Health Organization (W.H.O.)Guide lines, we also make sure that all safety  steps are taken before entering work areas such as but not limited to, Masks, Gloves, Disinfecting spray and more, we as well try to further our knowledge of the spread of viruses and pathogens so that we can further protect the safety of everyone around us and also provide an information pipeline to our customers for any questions or concerns they may have,  Stay Safe Canada!.

We have found very useful public material for the prevention of the spread of the Novel Covid 19 virus and disinfecting methods. Here are a few Links and resources that provide a variety of useful information.

 For any further questions or concerns our knowledgeable and dedicated staff can answer any questions that you may have, and from everyone here at S & J Cleaning and restorations we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these troubled times.