Cleaning & Restoration Company in Winnipeg, MB

Hello have you been thinking of getting your roof done but today’s prices scare you off from doing so, well let me tell you that the roof is amongst the 3 most important things about building and maintaining a structurally sound home, the others is foundation and insulation, a roof goes even further by protecting everything below it so it is very important to have a good sturdy roof, and we here at S and J cleaning and Restorations were always taught “build it right once and it will last for as long as you need it too but try to cut corners and you will only have problems” and that’s why here at S&J we offer a high end roofing system for the price of a cheap roof and any larger competitor which includes free underlayment for we believe that the roof should always have an extra layer of moisture protection between the wood and shingles also a ridge ventilation system to maximize ventilation in attic space for a longer lasting roof also lower hydro bills. We also provide a comprehensive repair and maintenance services for roofs and gutters.

    • Full roof installation

    We here at S and J Cleaning and Restorations Provide our Customers with the best Quality Roof Possible for the Lowest Possible Price and 2 ways We do this is By Providing a free synthetic underlayment system that will cover all the exposed roof decking once The roof has been stripped and Prepped also ice and water eaves Guard of the customers choosing will be applied anywhere ice may dam and form and in our lovely Winnipeg winters that means there’s a lot of areas where it will dam after all that is done the shingles will be installed and then the Free Ventilation System will go on the Peak of the Roof. Finally the trash and garbage will be cleaned and hauled away and the whole yard raked and a magnet ran across to pick up any hidden nails.

    • Repair and Maintenance

    Here at S&J we provide a repair and maintenance service for those pesky roof leaks or shingle blow offs because of extreme windy days, we also do Ventilation Maintenance and that includes us checking the status of the attic and the temperature that builds up there to figure out a good solution to make the ventilation work to the maximum efficiency to increase the life of your existing roof.

    • Cleaning and Snow Removal

    Are your Troughs clogged or look disgusting or maybe saplings growing out of them well worry no more here at S&J we provide a cleaning service in which our guys will remove all debris from the eaves and then wash out the physical trough and down pipes as well as the fascia and soffit, we also do snow removal in the winter if your house has a low slope and likes to collect a lot of snow, our cleaning service is also provided with any reroof purchased though S&J for free.