Why choose us?

Industry Leading Products & Equipment

Why choose us? That’s simple! We here at S&J use the top shelve products and equipment to provide the most comprehensive and industry leading services, as well we use high end trades materials for our interior and exterior renovations to provide our customers with the best quality job and services! We use industrial portable carpet extractors that give accessibility anywhere; we provide our works with high end sanitizing equipment such as the victory hand held sprayers for all sanitizing and disinfecting needs. We also have a multitude of hard surface cleaning and scrubbing equipment as well as a variety of trades equipment to get us through the toughest jobs.

Advanced & Continuous Training

With our continuing and advanced training we thrive to always be up to date on the most modern techniques for any of our job, that way we can provide our customers up to date with most comprehensive line of work possible. By keeping our customers informed of better products and techniques for the jobs they require with best outcome possible in modern times.

Custom Services

We provide a fully customizable service for every job at any scale and by this we mean you can choose from the type of chemicals or material you would like us to use, everything from eco-friendly products to standardized industrial cleaning compounds and not excluding the type of building material for our restoration services. Here is a list of services you can customize from S&J for any customer preference.

  • Hard surface cleaning and restoration
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Interior and exterior renovations
  • Specialty one time cleaning services
  • Post construction cleaning

And many more!


With S&J Cleaning and Restorations we pride ourselves on our quality of work; it is even in our slogan “Quality over quantity!” so you can always be sure you’ll receive the best possible service for the best possible price we have many satisfied customers who will testify to the quality of our work. Contact us today!


We have many customers who would be honored to provide references to the quality of work, if you are looking for references, please call